You know, I wish this light was all light, that it would follow only us.

Friday, October 22, 2010

In bed.

The first thing in my head was our dog, Ella, who turns five (observed) today. Her habit is to begin at my feet, presumably shortly after I fall asleep, rolling the blankets beneath and around herself til I am left with a mere tab covering my toes and she is a Swiss roll of afghans with--inexplicably, my pillow propping up her head. I have occasional dreams of being robbed by masked highwaymen, which I've come to take with good humor.

The following came from the laundromat late this evening: one fitted sheet, flannel; one sheet, flannel; two large pillow cases, flannel; one knit cotton blanket; one plush blanket; two knit afghans; one acrylic throw. As a song of reliable import goes: Serious moonlight.