You know, I wish this light was all light, that it would follow only us.

Monday, November 16, 2009


It has been about four years since I wrote under this name; quite possibly I was in my twenties. I deleted the whole former self from existence-a decision by which I wistfully stand. However as an erratic life in verse has overtaken The auld lang syne. I do often feel the impulse to essay and bullshit. So a reactivation was in order.

The obvious question is how could I possibly operate three so highly profitable documents, writing in good faith for each? You leave that to me, Mozart and trucker speed--I often forget that in the demise of a once grand relationship I began The auld lang syne. as a classical music blog. Shit.

These kinds of self-conscious expressions are sandbagged to favor the author so I'll wrap this up. To reinaugurate the quaint To Stink, To Cheat, To Torture I'll opt for a momentary silence, a reverent memorial, if you will, for all you're about to endure.